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Club Benefits:

1. Making new friends & enjoying hospitality at events.

2. Sharing your finds at meetings.

3. Participating in group hunts.

4. Being educated and entertained by experienced treasure hunters or guest speakers.

5. Learning more about the history of Texas.

6. Learning & sharing different techniques of metal detecting.

Metal Detecting Benefits:

1. Fresh air & plenty of good exercise for young or old.

2. Finding old coins, jewelry, and relics.

3. Finding & returning someone’s lost ring, car keys, or other valuables that were lost many years ago.

4. Learning more about history by researching something rare, unusual or unique you have found.

5. Getting interested in other "in the ground" items like fossils, rocks, Native American finds like arrowheads, meteorites, and other gems and minerals.

6. Dreaming of finding that pirate or outlaw treasure or hitting the "mother lode".

7. Assisting law enforcement agencies in finding lost items needed for invaluable evidence.