As a free service to the local community and surrounding area, we assist and help others to find their lost jewelry or valuables. 

If you should need help in finding any lost item. please contact us by email  and/or ... 

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​​​​​The  Concho Valley Trash & Treasure Hunters Club itself was formed on October 21, 2004.


However - the actual idea & concept of creating a metal detecting club in West Texas originated from several local pioneers of this unique hobby dating all the way back to April 2000.  They are officially listed as the following:

David Reynolds & Ed Bishop (RIP): a special tribute to these earliest pioneers of metal detecting  well known throughout  the entire West Texas & Concho Valley areas with each one having 30+ yrs experience since 1970s.

Daniel Stewart:  who  had over 25 yrs experience throughout the Concho Valley area since 1987.  

Although our  current membership is somewhat smaller compared to other organizations, we  continue to attract men & women folks (both young & old) from Tom Green County & Concho Valley surrounding areas that have joined our organization.  So if you are interested in enjoying a very unique/interesting hobby, then give us a call, drop us an email, or just stop by one of our meetings that are held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM; located over at Southside Recreation Center on 2750 Ben Ficklin Rd in San Angelo, Texas.

Additionally, as a free service to the entire local community and surrounding areas, we assist & help others to find their lost jewelry or any other valuable item.  Most of us take just as much pride & excitement when we return an old lost class ring or wedding band to the rightful owner as we do in finding an old coin or any other item! 

In addition, we continue to hold local competition club hunts so both our experienced as well as any new member can  fine-tune their detecting skills.   We are still  looking for new members to join us and visitors are always welcome to attend!  If you would like to join our club now, then just click on the pic below & complete a  Membership Form:


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